AFC Stamping is a premier provider of high quality metal stampings. Our fully integrated facility gives us the flexibility to handle all of our customer requirements, from concept, including prototype, to production and service parts. We have a full range of stamping capabilities in the 60 to 300 ton range.

AFCS supplies stamped products to various markets including Automotive, Motorcycle, Appliance, and HVAC. These markets each have their own specific requirements which AFCS meets through our many quality certifications and internal processes, providing parts that perform at the levels expected by our customers. AFCS can implement and maintain the controls necessary to ensure these requirements are met including:

• Visual Standards
• Burr requirements
• Mechanical Testing
• Corrosion prevention
• Coated Steels

AFCS can offer 3D simulation of your stamping concepts prior to the start of production to ensure your part can be produced repeatedly prior to the first chip cut on your die.